Property Management

Although our Real Estate focus is on sales and marketing; client's satisfaction remain as our number one priority.  Since the inception of my Real Estate career, many of my clients are investors looking for tenants as well as investment properties for rent.  Some home owners are simply not ready to sell and want to take advantage of the rental market and needed my help to look for a tenant to help pay their mortgage.

Supply and demand of the rental market is suprisingly different from the residential sales market, and there are some correlation between them due to economic down-turn, political cycle, and global events.

As your dedicated Real Estate Marketing Specialist, I can help you navigate the market and determine when is the best time to buy or sell, and when is a good time for you to find a renter and help you manage in the mean time. 

My leasing services and fee structure are as follow:

Lease Only

- Finding the perfect Tenant for you -

(to avoid long vacancy loss!)


- Keeping your Tenants HAPPY -

(and rent keep coming!) 

100% of First Month's Rent10% of monthly rent

Tenant Placement Service includes:

Full Service Property Management includes:

• Initial Rent Ready Inspection

• Rental Pricing analysis.

• Arrange for necessary cleaning and repairs (Owner responsible for actal cost).

• Video Tour, 3D virtual tour, and Photos of Property for Rent, minor staging if necessary are included.

• Multi-Channel Advertising of Property for Rent (Zillow, Trullia, Hot-pads,, Facebook Marketplace, and other Multiple Listing Services.)

 • Secure Automated Showing appointments; Owner gets notifications and direct feedback via owner's App. (I handle the showings, you get the results!)

 • Online application with instant screening results including Criminal and Credit Background Checks. (Applicant pays $30 application fees).

 • Lease Preparation (Northern Virginia Standard Lease, DC Lease,  PG County Lease, and Montgomery County Lease).

 • plus any necessary lease addendum required by your HOA, will handle electronic signature via DocuSign, and copy your HOA.

 • Move In/Out Inspection will be video documented.

 • copies of keys will be made for your tenant $3 per key.

 • Move in / Move out Cleaning $150 per clean (2 hrs).

 • LANDLORD Holds Security Deposit on Move in date, and returns upon move out.

• First month's rent is consumed as commission; landlord start collecting rent on 2nd month. 

• Rent Collection via online invoices (Free for e-checks / 3% service fee for credit card).

• Rent Disbursement via Direct Deposit .

• E Payments and Monthly Statements.

• Year-end Summary Statement (P&L).

• Annual Tax Statements (1099).

• Maintenance Coordination (online scheduling) / 24/7 Emergency Response. (Owner pays actual repair cost, parts & labor, deducted from rent dispersement)

• Optional Home Warranty protection $50 per month, $100 per service call (tenant can pay repair deductable).

• Quarterly Tenant Accountability Reports.

• 24/7 Emergency Response .

• Posting of Legal Notices.

• Attorney referral for Evictions (Owner pays actual repair cost).

• Oversee Insurance Claim.

• Oversee Home Warranty Claim + Home Warranty Recommendation.

• Overall Tenant Management to ensure Tenant satisfaction; $100 lease renewal fee (instead of one month finders fee and risk of vacancy).

• Real Estate Investment Strategy & Advice.

• Periodic Home Value Report.

• Help you find the best investment property to purchase.

 • Help you sell your investment property when you're ready (discounted commission) .

 • Multilingual support (English, Spanish, Chinese).


My management service is independent and separate from the leasing service, one is not required by the other and can be requested separately.  My management service is not yet available in DC and Maryland, but I will refer you to someone who may help.

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